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Do you have a story about your bruxism? Why don’t you share it with other people who might be going through the same experience and who might benefit from learning about how you dealt with it.

  • Tell us about yourself (name, age, location)
  • When did you start grinding your teeth? When were you diagnosed with bruxism? How often do you grind your teeth? Are you a ‘heavy grinder”?
  • What did you try to stop your teeth grinding? What devices you tried? Did you get medical help and what kind? Tell us about your experience with various tools like mouth guards, biofeedback, diets, exercises, sleeping tricks etc.
  • How are you doing now? What tool are you using to prevent your teeth grinding at the moment?
  • Do you have any particular advice, tip or information you would like to share with other people with bruxism or TMJ?



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    Ron September 12, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    had nightime bruxism, healed it by doing love meditations and inner smile meditation. Visualize something you love, like a pet or flower or baby, and smile to all parts of your body. Everytime I did that I sighed and felt so positive and loved. Did that for a few days and then noticed my jaw relaxed and no more tooth grinding!

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    Lucy from Vermont August 11, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    I feel like teeth grinding has been a part of my life for ever. I started grinding my teeth in high school. I did not know about it until my cousin stayed with us and shared my room. She said that I sounded like I was strangling someone. I was horrified and went to my dentist, who confirmed that I was grinding my teeth quite heavily and that several of my teeth were in bad shape – some chipped and some worn out. He recommended that I get a custom dental mouth guard to keep my teeth from further damage, but the price was way out of my reach. On top of that, I was planning on getting braces to straighten my teeth. How was I to do both? I was desperate. My mom suggested that we go to another dentist who had more experience with teeth grinding, and who was also our cousin. He told me first that I need to start wearing braces first, and that they will probably help with teeth grinding too. He said that some people grind their teeth because they are misaligned, but other grind when under stress. So I started wearing braces, but I somehow managed to grind my teeth anyway. By the time I took my braces away, my teeth were nice and straight, but many were chipped and loose from all that grinding. It was obvious that I was one of those people who grind teeth when under stress. My cousin the dentist told me about the ProTeethGuard, which makes custom night guards for much less money. I got one very quickly and that was the end of my teeth grinding problem. This guard is very comfortable, I almost do not feel it and sometimes wear it even during the day. I feel like I am finally free of all the morning headaches and pain and that I might eventually stop grinding teeth completely. I hope other people learn that they can get custom mouth guard without the dentist’s involvement, which is very expensive. I was lucky that my dentist was my cousin and did not want to make money off me.

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    Brent Erickson, NY, NY July 24, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    I am very familiar with night guards since I’ve worn them for years. I grind my teeth at night so I do not have a choice. I need a night guard to prevent my teeth from getting damaged. I started with off the shelf teeth guards and I probably tried most of them. Most of them were rough, not fitting very well and many were falling out of my mouth. Then I started getting a custom mouth guard from my dentist, until the price went up. When it got to over $500, I decided to stop making my dentist rich and ordered a custom mouth guard directly from the TeethNightGuard. The price was right and I thought that I had nothing to lose. The kit came pretty fast and the instructions were simple. I sent them my impressions and got back a pretty good mouth guard. The whole process did not take more than two weeks. I made a mistake for not ordering a duplicate of my guard, since it costs only a few extra bucks, but I will do it next time. Normally, no mouth guard lasts with me longer than six months.
    The night guard I got was similar to the one my dentist used to get for me, just a bit thicker. It could be that I ordered a wrong one, the lab has quite a number of choices. But, I got used to it in a few days, it is comfortable and it does not fall out at night.

    I hope that one day I will find some way to stop grinding teeth altogether, but until then, I am very satisfied with my mouth guard. At least now I have a good night sleep and wake up without headaches.

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    Cured bruxer from Oklahoma June 7, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Here is my story about teeth grinding, jaw pain and daily headaches. I thought that I was simply prone to migraines, and did not think that my morning headaches had anything to do with teeth grinding. But, when I started living with my husband, he told me that I had to do something about my teeth grinding, since it is keeping him awake. I was horrified. I spoke to my doctor and he told me that my dentist will be able to help me. He did not say how much that would cost.

    I had a professionally made mouth guard-made by my dentist and it was great. I wore it for years, until it almost fell apart. I got then another dentist-made guard (another $600), for my top teeth this time. It was awful and uncomfortable and I couldn’t wear it. Then I tried one of those guards available in my local pharmacy for $20.00. That was waste of money too. Eventually I discovered custom mouth guard labs and managed to get a decent custom guard for much less money. But, I did not want to wear a mouth guard for the rest of my life. I did some research on the web and found out that mouth guards only protect your teeth, but not cure teeth grinding. I learned about the biofeedback and finally decided to go for it. I have been using it for three months now and I am amazed what a huge difference it made. I can now check in the morning to see how many times and for how long I was grinding my teeth. Every morning it was less and less. Now it is very rare that I grind my teeth and I might stop using the device every night very soon. I am just surprised that more people do not know about this. My dentist never mentioned. I wonder why.

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    Lary Lomax, Jersey City, NJ May 24, 2012 at 12:38 am

    I spent thousands of dollars on chipped enamel, cracked teeth, root canals and all sorts of mouth guards, all because of my teeth grinding. I am talking about 20 plus years of nightly grinding and clenching. The pain in the jaw, head and even neck were my constant companions. Then I got the SleepGuard biofeedback headband couple of months ago, and my whole life has changed. I no longer wake up in pain every morning. I sleep through the night for the first time in ages. I wish I had known about the SleepGuard device earlier.

    At the beginning, I was wearing my nightguard together with the SleepGuard headband, just in case, to protect my teeth. Then I learned that this might increase my clenching habit. Now I clench my teeth very rarely (I can check my device every morning) and I learned that I will eventually stop clenching and grinding altogether. It is the only device that in fact cures bruxism. All mouth guards are there only to protect teeth. I wish I have known that before.

    The SleepGuard device is much cheaper than my last dentist-ordered custom night guard, so it is worth trying regardless of the reason you grind your teeth. Imagine if you actually get cured of your teeth grinding! It is important to read the instructions and watch the video very carefully. It is important to train yourself during the day, so that your brain learns to stop grinding when it hears the beeping sound. I am very happy with my headband.

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