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Tech-Dent Mouth Guard Description

The Tech-Dent Dental Laboratory makes two types of mouth guards to help relieve your symptoms and pain due to bruxism and clenching your jaw. The company is stretching its wings beyond being just a dental lab with these new mouth guard products.

Because of their recent addition and public availability, you could be among the first to get these great mouth guards direct from Tech-Dent instead of through a dentist. That means a great cost savings for you.


Product Features

Tech-Dent offers two types of custom mouth guards for your upper or lower teeth. Essentially one is a standard thickness and heavy plastic-like materials while the other is a softer guard made of a clear 3mm laminate.

Both can support light and moderate grinding or clenching, but the softer guard can actually handle more pressure. Tech-Dent says that the soft material is able to absorb heavy clenching and grinding because it is made in a positive pressure forming machine that gives strength and a comfortable fit.






How It Works

The item you’re purchasing is the impression kit for your selected mouth guard.

With your initial order you will receive:

  • 1 set of impression material
  • 1 adjustable impression tray (for upper or lower teeth)
  • 1 set of Instructions
  • 1 pre-addressed postage return label

In your return package you will receive your mouth guard(s) and a storage case for each guard.

To mould the device, you’ll need to follow the instructions carefully as the company has recently changed some of its practices because of the new products.

Be sure to mix the moulding putty thoroughly and quickly to avoid it drying out. For an impression, you want to make sure your teeth are clearly defined and that you’ve bitten hard into the putty itself. This gives them a better idea of your mouth and they will be able to create a tighter fit for your guard.

After you create the impression, send it back to Tech-Dent in the pre-paid envelope. It will start manufacturing the guard once it receives your impression and this takes at least on day. Tech-Dent will ship you your new guard – shipping is free for this.


Tech-Dent Professional Teeth Grinding Night Guard

The baseline model from Tech-Dent is its Professional Teeth Grinding Night Guard that comes in a pack of one (£11.95) or a pack of two (£19.95) guards.

Tech-Dent says these custom moulded guards are made from a “medicated hygienic food grade material” and you’ll get a case for each guard place some easy instructions for moulding the device.

These guards are very new, having first arrived on at the end of September 2014, so there is little customer guidance available. Based on company reviews, service seems to be quick and instructions simple enough to follow with ease.

Even if you order the double kit, you’ll get just a single impression tray for upper or lower teeth.



Tech-Dent Custom Professional Soft Night Guard

Tech-Dent offers a stronger model for those with an especially bad case of bruxism. This guard is moulded and created the same way as the other guards but it is made of a 3mm clear, soft laminate material.

This is specifically made for people with heavy clenching and light grinding, but it can work for the mid-range of both according to the company.

You’ll also get a great fit thanks to its positive pressure forming machine that takes an extremely precise form to your mould. This makes it among the tightest first available and the material is soft enough that you won’t have issues with pain on your bums.

Note: Last time we checked on, this model was unavailable.


Adjusting After Delivery

You can boil the guards very briefly to adjust them after they’ve been delivered. This is for minor corrections or to make edges more comfortable. This capability is rare for custom guards and is a good feature to have because it means you don’t need to return them for adjustments or remakes.


Helpful Tips

Beyond just getting a mouth guard, the company also will provide you with some additional information to help rid you of bruxism and its related pain.

Tech-Dent suggests a few options including:

  • Reduce your stress by listening to relaxing music, taking a warm bath or increasing your exercise during the day.
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeinated tea after dinner and limit the amount you drink or smoke in the evening. All of these can worsen bruxism.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep and enough sleep may help reduce bruxism.
  • Make sure you have regular dental exams to check for damage from bruxism or other concerns.

Pros & Cons:

  • Can boil them briefly to make small adjustments.
  • Delivery and manufacturing is quick.
  • Two options to meet your needs.
  • Easy to clean and wear.
  • Simple to make.
  • The company has very positive reviews for its other guards.
  • Cheaper than a dentist guard but the same quality.

  • You have to pay to ship the mould back to the company. However, they will not charge you for shipping of the mould or device to you.
  • Relatively new so few reviews are available.
  • Actual materials used are unclear, but they are promised to be non-allergenic.


Can my children use it?

The guard is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16.

Is there a refund or return policy?

The company uses for its sales, so the standard return policy applies and you’ll need to go through Amazon’s return and refund centers. Be sure to initiate a request through Amazon first.

Can I wear them with other dental devices?

Typically you cannot. It is best to take the device to a dentist and get their impression before using it in conjunction with your dental equipment or devices.

What are the shipping and tax costs?

There is no shipping charge beyond the purchase price. However you will have to pay to post the moulds back to Tech-Dent.

Final Recommendation

Tech-Dent is a newcomer and it’s been making goods for dental labs since 2009. The company has a lot of success and praise of its other products from both patients and dentists, so there’s no reason to think these products will be less than stellar. Its stellar reputation for prosthetics means that its guards should fit exceptionally well. You’re getting top-notch quality and an impressive record, so this product is definitely a “recommend” from us.


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