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Supersplint Mouth Guard Description

The SuperSplint mouth guard line from Dentech brings a dental-lab design to your mouth daily with this option to remove your bruxism, clenching, tooth wear, and TMJ disorder pain.

While the lab designed the guards in the U.S., UK consumers benefit from local distributors that help to reduce VATs paid and shipping costs, while still getting relief delivered quickly.

The guards are well-rated in multiple countries and your interaction will mostly be through the portal, so you can expect top-notch service for delivery, payments, and resolution of any problems.


Product Features

Dentech’s SuperSplint is a single boil-and-bite solution that uses a non-allergenic and safe material to provide you with relief from medium grinding, clenching, and chewing. The guards have also helped some people reduce their snoring and wake up with fewer headaches.

Some customers have noted a difficult time getting the device to mould properly, but this appears to be a result of leaving the guard in the boiling water for too long. Amazon appears to be quick about sending a replacement if there is any concern.


Packaging Options

Through Amazon, you’ll have four different options for ordering these great SuperSplint guards from Dentech.

We’ll start with the oldest and most-commonly ordered package and move up through to the most recent addition to your options.

  • Single SuperSplint mouth night guard with a case. This typically costs £12.67 plus £1.89 for the shipping.
  • A set of two SuperSplint guards with a single case. Most users will pay £19.67 for the package deal plus the £1.89 for shipping in the UK.
  • A two-pack of both the Super Splint guards as well as two boxes to hold them. This will cost you £21.67 and the additional £1.89 for shipping in the UK.
  • If you’re a fan of the product or have multiple bruxism suffers in your home, you may be best served by the pack of 4 SuperSplint guards. This comes with a single case but users can reach out to the supplier for case options. This will cost you £38.96 (plus the standard £1.89 shipping), a savings of nearly £12 compared to buying the guards one at a time.

There is no different with the product itself and many people report that additional guards are simply shipped as an extra unit of the single guard’s packaging. If you order multiple boxes for your guards, these are sometimes shipped separately or located in different packaging from the one-guard-one-case package.


Creating Your Guard

These boil-and-bite guards offer a simple construction that most users find easy to follow and perform. Be sure to follow the timing on your specific instructions exactly because they may melt if created improperly.


  1. Boil water either in a kettle or the microwave.
  2. Pour the boiling water into a bowl and dip your guard and tray into the water for 6 seconds only!
  3. Put the guard in your mouth and bite down. Press firmly against your gums with both fingers and tongue.
  4. Remove the tray from your mouth and allow it to harden. This can take several minutes.
  5. Slowly separate the white tray and the blue tray. The white tray is your finished guard.
  6. Place the guard in your mouth and test for the fit.



Common Questions:

Is it safe?

These products are made with EVA polymers and are typically BPA-free. This means they are non-allergenic for most and are non-toxic for use. The products were designed in the U.S. and meet all Food and Drug Administration safety requirements for dental products.

Is there a refund or return policy?

The company uses for its sales, so the standard return policy applies. You must use Amazon’s support for returns, refunds, or disputes.

What is the shipping and tax costs?

There is a standard £1.89 for shipping in the UK, though you can pay more to get the product faster. Prices quoted on Amazon will include any applicable UK VAT.

When will I get it?

Customers report getting the product within 2 to 5 business days. You can guarantee sooner shipping by selecting other payment options.

Can my children use it?

These types of mouth guards are not recommended for anyone under the age of 16. See a dentist before providing it to your child.



Very reasonable price compared to a dental office.

Can be remoulded at least 3 times.

Reduces headaches, earaches, and teeth problems.

Offers light to moderate protection.

Interactions will be solely with Amazon or the Emoyeni shipper, so support and replacements are fast but help with moulding is limited.



Instructions must be followed carefully, and it might take more than one fitting.

Only lasts about 3 months for some users.

Its a bit thick in some parts so it might take some time of getting used to the guard.

Doesn’t have free shipping options.


Final Recommendation

The SuperSplint mouth guard line from Dentech is a standard boil-and-bite option so it’s comfortable for most and will provide good protection against light wear for many months. Some customers may not like the inability to interact directly with the manufacturer, but Amazon’s customer service is often a great solution to resolving any problems. The guards are relatively strong and easy to create, making it a great entrance to the market for an UK bruxism sufferer.






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