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Teeth grinding is a serious unconscious habit that can reap enormous havoc on your life. Not only can it permanently ruin the enamel on your teeth, but it can also cause problems with you bite, pain in your jaw, result in chronic headaches, and keep you from getting the sound rest you need.

The Sentinel Custom Night Guard offers a person a dental-quality alternative to paying a fortune for a custom-dental guard from a professional dentist. It still provides the same benefits as one you could purchase at your dentist, it is still custom fit and allegedly very effective for helping such ailments as TMJ, Bruxism, and heavy breathing.


Sentinel Night Guards- Product Features

Each individual Sentinel Night Guard offers a custom mouthpiece available for a man or woman- and for either the top of bottom teeth. All of these night guards are made to be hypoallergenic, BPA free, and are FDA approved for safe use.


The Sentinel Night Guards for teeth-grinding are offered in 3 models to accommodate your individual mouth guard needs and preferences:



  1. Sentinel Soft, Clear, Night Guard (0.40, 0.80, .120) (Soft inside/Soft outside)
  2. Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard Hybrid (2mm thick) (Hard Outside/ Soft Inside)
  3. Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard (0.40 or 0.80) (Hard Inside & Out)


1. Sentinel Soft, Clear Night Guard ($98.50)

The Sentinel Soft model is very much like the ones that professional dentist’s offices design. The Sentinel Soft Clear Night Guard is ultra-soft inside and out for those who prefer the luxury of having an extra comfortable experience. It is recommended for individuals who have never yet worn a night guard and features 3 options of thickness (.40, .80, .120)


Although the Soft versions of night guards used to be the most popular preferred, now dentists are stating that wearing a very soft night guard could actually make you grind your teeth more. But do not let that discourage you as this particular model has received many positive reviews. The Sentinel is covered with a 6 month warranty.



2. Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard Hybrid ($138.50)

The Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard Hybrid is one of the most cutting edge designs that is available without getting a dentist involved. Although it is fairly new, it is quickly becoming one of Sentinel’s most popular night guard models. It is recommended for individuals who moderately grind their teeth at night (bruxism.) It features a very soft inside for comfort, and a hard outside and is 2 mm thick (no options like the Soft, Clear Guard and the Hard Acrylic Guard.)


This is a great night guard for those who want comfort, but the best protection possible. The Sentinel includes a 24 month warranty.




3. Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard ($144.50)

The Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard is the hardest of the Sentinel models. It is recommended for the strongest protection for those who experience severe teeth grinding, because it holds the teeth in place very firmly. It is offered in two thicknesses (0.40 and 0.80) and boasts a life-span of 2-5 years.


The Sentinal Hard Acrylic Night Guard is best used by individuals who consistently wear night guards on a regular basis. It secures the jaw, preserves placement of the teeth, and will work ideally for people who are concerned about their teeth shifting. Because of its hardness- it is the most durable of all of the Night Guards manufactured by the Sentinel Company. The Hard Acrylic Night Guard comes with a 2 Year (24 month) warranty.





How to Choose the Right Model???


When choosing between the three different models of night guards that the Sentinel Co makes you may have to consider how severely you grind your teeth, what the comfort factor means to you, whether you are concerned about your teeth shifting, and which fit soft/hard you just prefer better.


NOTE: You may be confused at which option to choose in a night guard top or bottom/upper or lower. When considering which option remember that usually the upper is the most popular. Although you will want to account for if you have more broken teeth on one place than another, if you need to protect the teeth you still have, or whether you have dental work that needs to be done that can be compromised by selecting the wrong option.


How to Take Your Dental Impression for the Sentinel Night Guards

If you are concerned about the work and think that taking your own dental impression may be complicated- think again. It’s very worth it to spare the money that would spent if you let the dentist do it, and it’s really not that difficult at all.


When you order your choice of the Sentinel Night Guard versions, you will mailed a kit that contains everything that you need to perform your very own- dental impression.


The Instructions are provided with your kit, but here is our quick abbreviated version:

  • Step 1: Brush your teeth, & wash Your hands thoroughly
  • Step 2: Mix both of the purple and white putties together
  • Step 3: Once there is no longer white streaks in your putty form a long, oblong shape & place it on the empty tray
  • Step 4: Then push the putty into the tray while evenly distributing it around all of the tray’s cavities
  • Step 5: Place the tray up to the upper or lower set (whichever set you chose) until it your teeth touch the putty (do not bite into the tray!)
  • Step 6: Let it stand there while you hold it for 3 minutes
  • Step 7: Remove the tray from your mouth, take the impression out, gently pat it dry and place it in the bag
  • Step 8: Mail it back to us and await your new Sentinel Night Guard (3-7 days)

Pros & Cons:

  • Great customer service from start to finish
  • Really extensive instructions and direction for casting impression
  • Ships very fast (kit and final night guard)
  • Outstanding quality product and service with Sentinel Night Guard Company
  • Sentinel Night Guard Very Durable and Lasts

  • Sometimes impressions are not usable and have to be reformed


We searched high and low to find the most common question asked by consumers looking for the perfect night guard. Here are some of the most popular questions asked by prospective buyers of the Sentinel Night Guard.

Are Sentinel Night Guards BPA free and FDA approved?

Yes. The Sentinel Night Guards all are BPA FREE, FDA approved, and have been tested thoroughly to assure the safest use possible.

What is your money back guarantee policy?

All Sentinel Night Guards come with a 14-day, money back guarantee.

What happens if I take a bad dental impression?

Sometimes there are minor problems with the initial impression that is taken, however customer service team is there to help guide you to get the best fit, and help walk you through the dental impression process. They typically contact you and will send out another kit free of charge and instruct you on how you can make the next dental impression the last.

Will the Sentinel Night Guard help me to stop clenching and grinding my teeth?

Yes. Sentinel guards are designed to help you to stop grinding and clenching your teeth. In addition, the fit of the guard is paramount for setting your jaw in line so you can breathe comfortable, but still keep your teeth in place firmly.

If I have severe teeth grinding which model of the Sentinel Night Guard should I choose?

The most recommended model for those who suffer from the severe effects of teeth grinding is the hard acrylic model. It provides the firmest placement, and is made very hard to deter clenching and Bruxism and protect your teeth from further damage.

About the Company

The Sentinal Co. is a USA based manufacturer that resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is a top notch company that designs and produces a range of break-through products such as mouth guards, teeth whitening kits, night guards, and athletic guards.

Sentinel is brand name that is associated with premium quality products that provide the user with the best experience imaginable. They are also known for their product warranties and amazing customer service.






Sentinel Night Guard Bottom Line

Most consumers who have purchased the variety of the 3 models of night guards have been quite pleased with their experience. Through the reviews we discovered on the Sentinel customers note that this night guard is effective, comfortable and of the highest quality. Even better is the customer experiences that praise this company for providing superior customer service through purchase to delivery of final product.

Most reviews indicate that the Sentinel Night Guard is one of very few night guards that can provide you with the custom fit that dental professional’s design- without the money and time costing hassle.

If you are looking for a nice, durable, long lasting custom fit night guard that is available with a warranty and a money back guarantee, you should definitely consider what the Sentinal Night Guard has to offer you.

We don’t actually sell any products at, we just evaluate and review them. But we do look for the best dealers and prices on the internet and the best price for the Sentinel Custom Dental Night Guards, seems to be found on



Reviews and Testimonials

We value your input and would appreciate learning about your experience and suggestions. Your own review and feedback would help other people with bruxism to chose the best guard for their needs.

These are the reviews and testimonials we received from the real users of the Sentinel Custom Night Guard customers. We hope that they will help you decide if this is the right product for you.


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  1. Reply
    John J McCann February 19, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    I just rec’d my Sentinel Mouth Guard and I was extremely disappointed by the the flimsy, poor poor quality of the materials used. If it lasts a week, I will be surprised. If I ever write a book on “How Th Waste $100,” Sentinel’s Mouth Guard will be on page one.

    Doylestown, PA

    • Reply
      Maria Aringdale August 16, 2020 at 4:27 am
      Overall Rating

      This product is as good as the one I had bought onwce from my dentist for $550. Every part of the experience was fast and easy. Their customer service is great! The company always e-mails you back right away. I had a wonderful experience with Sentinel and highly recommend them. so glad I purchased my retainers from them.

      + PROS: This product is as good as the one I had bought onwce from my dentist for $550. Every part of the experience was fast and easy. Their customer service is great! The company always e-mails you back right away. I had a wonderful experience with Sentinel and highly recommend them. so glad I purchased my retainers from them.

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