Method #7 – Professional Dental Cleaning for Mouth Guards

You will find that you can get your mouth guard professionally cleaned from your dentist. They have tools at a dental office that will not be available over the counter to the public, and these methods can be very good for cleaning mouth guards. Keep in mind that a dental office will have the tools that they need to clean and sanitize the dental instruments, and many times, these same devices can be used to clean a mouth guard, as well as sanitize it. Most times, if you allow your dentist to clean your mouth guard, you will find that it will look as good as new when you get it back, often within the time it takes to finish your appointment.

A dentist will be able to remove any deposits, kill any bacteria that is causing odor and even adjust your mouth guard if you are having problems with comfort. Your dentist will also be able to help you find the perfect cleaning method to use when you are at home based on the type of mouth guard you have and the type of lifestyle you lead. Finally, your dentist will be able to check your mouth guard to ensure it is still effective and will help you get another one if it needs to be replaced.



The Recommended Methods For Cleaning Your Mouth Guard Include:




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    Lauren January 2, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    Brought my nightguard to dental hygienist who refused to clean for me. Said dont use hyddrogen peroxide. Said soak in vinegar.

    Personally I find hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) soak is very effective in getting rid of bacteria related odors, and doesnt leave aftertaste on nightguard if I rinse it well after soaking.

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