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Bruxism or TMJ is an awful habit that can plague your life. It causes all types of issues that can prove costly, painful, and annoying. The market is filled to the brim with all sorts of night guards and mouth guard designs to help any person nix their teeth grinding habit for good.

The NiteBite is a very unique mouth guard that is very unlike other night guards sold currently. Its design does not appear like most mouth guards that fit upper and lower cases of teeth, and it is not like a single mouthpiece used to cradle both the top and bottom set of teeth.

The NiteBite consists of a smaller design so it is ideal for those with smaller mouths, bites, and jaws and will not cause the discomfort that the large one size fits all mouth guards do.



NiteBite Night Guard Features and Attributes

One-Size-Fits-All, NO mold required, .080 (2 mm thick.) Can be fit in under 5 minutes and only requires a single dentist visit or instruction for how to perform it yourself from vendors who offer it this way.

You can get this night guard for teeth grinding or clenching at night without paying enormous fees to get a custom mold mouth guard performed by a dentist and it can be fitted properly to your bite in under 5 minutes.

  • 2 mm thick
  • Only covers 4 top teeth
  • Encourages jaw to relax naturally not forcefully
  • No intrusion to air way
  • No barriers for teeth

The NiteBite is an exclusive one-sized night guard that offers you comfortable protection against jaw clenching and teeth grinding. The NiteBite is 2mm thick and does not make contact with the lower set of teeth. It is designed with a unique technology that encourages the jaw to be ‘at rest’ while allowing the freeway space to be unbarred.

Pros & Cons:

There are many, many advantages for the consumer when they choose to use the NiteBite Night Guard for their oral issues. As we perused the numerous reviews online, we found these features to be the most proclaimed positives of this particular mouth guard product.

  • Well Made, high quality, cutting edge design
  • Great for individuals with a small mouth
  • Only requires a simple visit to your dental tech
  • No molding required and complex dental impressions
  • Works very well, but does not impeded breathing
  • Is petite and does the trick to stop teeth grinding

As we searched for cons and adversities to the NiteBite, we discovered that this mouth guard is not as openly available on the market as some would like. The clincher of the Nitebite is that an individual is required to visit a dental professional that carries it to obtain it.

  • Not freely available on the market (requires purchase and fit from a professional dentist in a single visit.)


There may be many questions you have in regards to how the NITEBITE, mouth guard for teeth grinding or jaw clenching works. We have taken the time to address some of the common questions that consumers ask when deciding on whether or not this night guard could be for them.

Is there an upper and lower form of the Nitebite?

No. Actually the NiteBite features a totally unique design from any other mouth guard sold on the market. It is a single very small piece that only covers 4-6 of the upper row of teeth. It is not obtrusive so it does not occlude the free breathing air space- it just encourages the jaw to sit in a resting position without restricting it.

Does the NiteBite really work?

YES. According to users and reviews, the Nitebite typically works effectively to help to nix teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and other things that can cause headaches, jaw pain, and damage to your teeth enamel.

How long does the NiteBite Last before needing to be replaced?

The Nitebite is made to last. It is of the highest quality and durability and when cared for adequately and properly it will last you several years without needing a replacement.

Is the Nitebite a boil and bite mouth guard?

NO. The NiteBite, night guard is a simple fit that is performed in the setting of a dental office. The dentist professional does all the work so t is hassle free and certain to be of a perfect fit for your needs.

Is the Nitebite ideal for people with small jaws, bites, and mouths?

YES. The NiteBite is very uniquely designed in comparison to most traditional mouth guards, because it is very small and does not cover any entire set of upper/lower teeth. The manufacturer claims that it does not even impair your breathing space as it takes little room up in your mouth.

Does the NiteBite intrude on the airway space?

No. The particular special design of the NiteBite, night guard is made to be unique from all other types and brands of night guards, which do intrude on the airway space. The manufacturer claims that it is the very first mouth guard to be designed that is 100% completely non-intrusive to your airway space.

NiteBite Company Info

The NiteBite is produced by Keystone Industries LLC.- a manufacturer that provides top-notch products for dental offices from the NiteBite night guard to the essential soft on soft and hard on soft, Pro Form mouth guards specifically developed and designed by a dental professional. This company is a big distributor of its mouth guard products that strives to keep up to date mouth guards in offices all over the country.



NiteBite Night Guard- Bottom Line

The NiteBite, night guard offers many unique features that can help service your needs of protection from and the prevention of Bruxism. It has many advantages and benefits such as it’s great for people who cannot comfortably use other night guard models and brands and those who like a less intrusive model of a mouth guard, night guard. But, the major adversity of this decent Night guard is that in order to acquire it, you will have to locate a local dentist office and professional that carries it and pay for a single visit for fitting purposes.

We don’t actually sell any products at, we just evaluate and review them. But we do look for the best dealers and prices on the internet and the best price for the NiteBite, seems to be found on and



Reviews and Testimonials

We value your input and would appreciate learning about your experience and suggestions. Your own review and feedback would help other people with bruxism to chose the best guard for their needs. These are the reviews and testimonials we received from the real users of the NiteBite customers. We hope that they will help you decide if this is the right product for you.

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  1. Reply
    Cindy July 30, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    I like the small size, but have found that my throat hurts in the morning. Also, my dentist told me it was to only be used for a couple of weeks and then I had to be fitted for one that they make a mold of your teeth and it is very expensive. Can I wear this longer than a couple of weeks?

  2. Reply
    Eric July 15, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    Ordered 10 and tried it on myself and DAs.
    Unfortunately hurt more than help.

    Sadly this Christopher’s credibility should take a hit to recommend this product with 10

  3. Reply
    Nicholas Peterson October 16, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    This device is terrible. It broke in half inside my mouth as I was sleeping. Not happy!

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