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NAVA Mouth Guard Description

Nava dental night guards are not extremely well known when it comes to the mouth guard market. Why aren’t they well know? Well, because there is nothing extremely special about them, and for most people, they find that they might work to decrease the grinding and clenching you might be experiencing at night, but at a cost. What does this mean for you? It means before you take the chance and buy this night guard, you should take a look at the following information:


How the Nava Dental Night Guard Works?

When it comes to lower-end, inexpensive dental night guards, they typically all work the same. Nava dental night guards are no exception to that rule. This is a “boil and bite” night guard which means you will soften the mouth guard in boiling water, place it into your mouth and allow the material to form over your teeth. Though it may sound as if that means you will have a perfect fit, it can be difficult to get the material to perfectly fit over your teeth. That isn’t to say you won’t be able to do it, it simply means that you might need to try a few times before getting the Nava dental night guard to fit into your mouth comfortable. Fortunately, you can re-mold it several times.

Once the Nava night guard is formed, it is meant to used on a nightly basis. Contrary to popular belief, no night guard, including the Nava night guard, will completely cure the grinding and clenching associated with bruxism. However, they will give the teeth a place to grind into instead of grinding into each other. With this night guard, it can certainly help to alleviate the pain and damage associated with clenching and grinding at night.


Features of the Nava Night Guard

Though the Nava night guard is a typical low-end night guard, at best, it does come with a few additions that other night guards don’t seem to have.

First, it is sold with two night guards. This is good as you will have a backup should the original not form correctly or since this night guard will not last too long, you can form the second one after the first becomes unusable.

In addition to the two night guards, the Nava kit also contains a pair of dental gloves, an alcohol pad and dental mirror. Technically, however, you do not need any of these items to mold the Nava night guard to your teeth.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with two night guards for the same price as one night guard from other brands.
  • Easy to form and can be reformed several times.
  • Inexpensive.

  • Minimal information from the manufacturer about this product.
  • Large and bulky – It might not fit all mouths.
  • Will only last a few months before it needs to be replaced.


Is the Nava Night Guard Comfortable?

According to reviews, the Nava night guard falls short when it comes to comfort. Many people have a difficult time finding the right fit for this night guard even when molding and re-molding the night guard against their own mouth. This night guard is also quite thick, which means you may have very little room in your mouth when the night guard is in.

Is the Nava Night Guard Easy to Form?

Yes, the Nave night guard is fairly easy to form. You should hold the mold by the small handle, then place the mold in boiling water (at least 190 to 200 F) for about 15 seconds. Immediately place the mold onto your lower teeth and gently bite down. You do not want to make a full bit, but a comfortable bite. You should hold your bite for about 30 seconds in order for the mouth guard to form. Once formed, you should cut off the small molding handle that remains. When ready to sleep, place the mold on your lower teeth, not upper teeth. The mold can be re-molded up to three times if you don’t get it right the first time.

Is The Nava Night Guard Easy to Care For?

There are no specific instructions on caring for the Nava night guard included. However, similar products are cleaned with mild soap and water or non-abrasive toothpaste and water. You can also soak the night guard in mouthwash for 15 minutes once a week to kill any germs.

How Long Will the Nava Night Guard Last?

Again, the manufacturer does not give any information about how long the Nava night guard might last. Similar products will last about six months with typical use and care.

Final Recommendation

When it comes to mouth guards, the Nova night guard will likely not come away a winner in any category. Though it technically can be used as a night guard to treat bruxism, most people who use it feel as if it is too large to wear comfortably at night. In fact, the product might be better suited for athletes who are involved in sports like basketball or football to protect their teeth. The limited information about the Nova night guard is also a bit concerning and when you look at sites that sell this product, the reviews are poor. Yes, it is cheap and yes you get two mouth guards for the price of one, but the overall quality seems quite low.


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