Method #2 – Mouth Rinse for Mouth Guard Cleaning

You will find that people will use mouth rinse for cleaning their mouth guards. Typically, it is recommended that this will be done in conjunction with other methods, but sometimes people will only use mouth rinses and mouth washes to clean their mouth guards. There are certainly some pros to using mouth wash for this. For instance, you will find that the mouth guard will taste great, and the mouth wash, assuming it is made with alcohol, will kill almost every germ on the mouth guard.


Video for method #2 and method #4:

There are also cons when it comes to using mouth wash to clean your mouth guard. For instance, you will certainly find that other methods, like using denture cleaning tablets, will do a superior job when it comes to deposit and stain removal. Speaking of stains, mouth wash can also stain the mouth guard permanently. Because of the chemicals in mouth wash, you will also want to be sure that your mouth guard is not made of a substance that will be damaged by the mouth wash.

If you do choose to use a mouth rinse or mouth wash, the most popular to choose are Listerine, Scope, Oral-B, Crest and Cepacol. You can find it on Amazon (Click to Enter).


The Recommended Methods For Cleaning Your Mouth Guard Include:


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