Hybrid Mouth Guards



The hybrid mouth guard is exactly that, a hybrid. It is neither completely hard, nor completely flexible. This unique combination is used for several different reasons, all of which should be supervised by your dentist.


From What are Hybrid Mouth Guards Made?

The exoskeleton of a hybrid mouth guard is just like that of a hard mouth guard. It is manufactured of the same hard acrylic as is a hard mouth guard. The chewing surface of a hybrid mouth guard is more like that of a soft mouth guard. This helps to alleviate some of the massive stresses placed on the jaws and teeth.


What is The purpose of The Hybrid Mouth Guard?

The hybrid mouth guard is used for a variety of different purposes. It can be used for anything from a training mouth guard to a soft mouth guard with extra support.


How is a Hybrid Mouth Guard Used For Training Purposes?

For an individual that has an extremely heavy bite and is new to a mouth guard, their dentist may choose a hybrid mouth guard to get the patient used to wearing a mouth guard. When a patient clinches or grinds their teeth an abnormal amount, this may be necessary, as the patient will most likely grind through the chewing surface soon. As the patient chews through the lighter weight silicone portion, it can be replaced with sequentially heavier weight portions.

How is a Hybrid Mouth Guard Used For Extra Stability and Strength?

When a patient needs a soft mouth guard, but has other dental needs, sometimes a hybrid can be used. This would be in situations such as a light grinder that needs a sleep appliance for snoring. These, many times, will be hybrid mouth guards.


Bottom Line on Hybrid Mouth Guards

The hybrid mouth guard is a more complex device. This is one that should not be attempted to be purchased over the counter or online. Hybrids are usually being used with the eventual purpose of transitioning to either a soft or hard mouth guard. This treatment should be done under the supervision of a dental professional.



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