Method #5 – Dental Sanitizing Devices for Mouth Guard Cleaning

You might want to consider dental sanitizing devices to clean your mouth guard.



There are several of these devices on the market and though they are definitely more expensive to purchase than tablets and powders, they can clean your mouth guard with ultraviolet light, ozone, and more. Many of them will work on batteries and cycle through very quickly.


NatureZoneOral Appliance Sanitization Deodorization Purification Chamber

One of these products is the Brain Pad UV/Ozone Sanitize-Deodorizer. This is a cleaning appliance that uses ozone and ultraviolet light to cleanse, sanitize, deodorize and purify your mouth guard. You will not need to use any cleansers in this chamber, like tablets or other solutions, and it is totally battery powered, and portable, which can be important should you travel often. The pros of this appliance are even greater than this. This is an appliance that is extremely easy to operate and can be controlled with just the touch of a button. It is also very fast, effectively cleaning your mouth guard in a matter of minutes.

As with all products, however, there are some cons that you should be aware of if you are going to buy this product. For instance, some users claim that the bowl of this appliance is not large enough for their dental appliances to fit inside. This could be an issue for some mouth guards, so make sure you have a good measurement to refer to. Additionally, a small number of users have reported that the appliance is cheaply made, and doesn’t work after the first few times.




Sport Mate Clean Guard

Another similar product on the market is the Sport Mate Clean Guard. The best part about this mouth guard cleaning appliance is that it is not only a cleaning device, you can also use it as a case for your mouth guard. It claims to kill up to 99.9% of all the bacteria that is present on a mouth guard and it uses UV light to do the job. The Sport Mate is a very easy appliance to operate, too, again, at the touch of a button it will begin cleaning your mouth guard. This cleaning appliance is very stylish, as well, and will look great no matter where you put it. It is also quite affordable, less than $25 in most cases. Finally, it is quite quick, only taking about 10 minutes to get a thorough clean, so if you always find that you are in a rush, this might be the right cleaning appliance for you.



The main con of the Sport Mate that has been reported is in the way it is made. The most common complaint is that there is no obvious way to open the battery chamber since it seems to be contained within the machine, itself.





iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

iSonic Ultrasonic Denture / Retainer Cleaner offers best performance and price combination.

It cleans denture, retainers including Invisalign, night guards etc. deeply and thoroughly. No need for daily brushing anymore. One button to push with 5-minute auto shut off and it is done. Use tap water for daily cleaning. Denture cleaning tablets or solutions can be used for enhanced cleaning to help to remove buildups and stains.

Detachable tank makes it easier to change water.





Violight UV Denture Retainer Ultrasonic Spa Sanitizer Cleaner

When you choose this cleaner, known as the Dental Spa, you will be able to clean, as well as sanitize, your mouth guard in one easy step. This cleaning appliance uses an ultra sonic technology to clean, and UV light to sanitize. You will also have the option of doing one or the other. You don’t need to add any powders or chemicals to this device and at 8,000 vibrations per second, this cleaning appliance can kill up to 99.9% of germs.

There are a number of reasons why people like this mouth guard cleaning appliance. The first is because it cleans very well. In fact, it uses the same UV light to sanitize mouth guards as hospitals use to clean their instruments. This eliminated germs including those like E.coli and staph. Another great pro of this device is that it is portable and compact. You don’t need any additional cleansers when you use this appliance, only water, and it only takes five minutes to complete a cleaning cycle. This unit runs off batteries and the bulb is rated for up to 10,000 hours of cleaning.

Some of the cons that have been associated with this device is the fact that the chamber is a bit small, so if you are using an over the counter mouth guard that is a bit thick, it might not fit. Another con that users have mentioned is that the product is quite noisy. People have also stated that though there is a place for an AV cord, so you won’t have to used batteries with this product, it does not come with the device and you have to buy one separately.There have also been reports that the UV light which is in this product has gone out rather quicker than expected.




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