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What is biofeedback treatment?
NOTE: Mouth Guard will prevent further damage to your teeth. The next step is to try bruxism biofeedback headband – the ONLY device on the market which can actually stop you from clenching or grinding your teeth at night.

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denLAB Direct Description

denLAB are a company based in the UK, and have recently start manufacturing in USA as well. denLAB manufacture custom fit dental products particularly teeth grinding guards.



This company is able to stand out from the crowd thanks to the fact that they custom make all of their night guards. Most of these night guards are not the typical “boil and bite” night guards you may see on the market. Instead, they are made for each individual customer in their state-of-the-art dental lab. The products are affordable, free shipping is usually available in the UK and USA, and international shipping to Europe is also available. With many options offered for customers, denLAB may be a great choice for your needs.

All of the denLAB Direct mouth guards on the market will help to protect your teeth during the act of grinding or clenching. Though no mouth guard will ever stop bruxism completely, the mouth guards from denLAB Direct will allow the user to grind into the mouth guard, saving their teeth from the negative effects of grinding, and they are much more affordable than getting the custom mouth guard directly from your dentist.


How it Works?

Since the denLAB Direct mouth guard is made in a lab, users will not get the actual night guard when they order. Instead, they will get an easy to use impression kit.

This kit will allow customers to take an impression of their mouth. It will come with putty that you can place into a special tray. Once in the tray, you will insert it into your mouth and bite down. This biting motion will leave an impression of your teeth in the putty (Each kit comes with complete instructions for doing the impression at home).

When the putty hardens, you will send it back to denLAB and they will get to work making your own, personalized night guard. It typically takes 7 to 10 working days before you get it back.



How Do I Know Which Night Guard is Best for Me?

You can choose from four different mouth guards (they all called “instaGRIND® night guards”), depending on the severity of your grinding or clenching:

1. instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Soft

The soft model is ideal for those who grind or clench on occasion or who don’t have a serious issue with bruxism (minimal-moderate grinding). You can get this night guard for either the upper or lower teeth and it is comfortable since it is custom made for your mouth. This particular night guard is available in a 2 mm version for very light grinding or 3 mm version for moderate grinding. It is also soft and flexible.






2. instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Semi-Hard

For those who are moderate grinders (medium-heavy grinding), the denLAB company offers a semi-hard night guard. This guard is a bit stronger than the soft night guard and also comes in both 2 mm and 3 mm sizes. Since the night guard is semi-hard, it will give you more support than the soft version. It is made with a hard outer and soft inner for ultimate comfort while you sleep.






3. instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Dual Laminate

If you are a heavy grinder (heavy to severe grinding), you will want to choose the instaGRIND dual laminate mouth guard. This is an extremely tough material and can hold up against heavy grinding and clenching. The dual laminate style is available in both upper and lower versions depending on your preference and also comes in both 2 mm and 3 mm sizes. It is made with a hard outer and soft inner for ultimate comfort while you sleep.




4. instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Hard

For people who have a severe case of bruxism, the hard instaGRIND will be the best option. This is made of an extremely tough material, but still only 2 mm thick. This is important as it will give you the best possible comfort level available.







Additional Night Guard From denLAB – The instaGRIND® Standard:

The “Standard” model is a semi-custom night guard from denLAB. In other words, it is a “boil and bite” dental guard, the only one they offer. This is a product that you will mold yourself once you receive the night guard. It is made of a particular type of material that will easily change its shape once heated in boiling water. Similar to an athletic mouth guard that you might find at a local grocery store, this night guard is good for those who want to give this treatment method a try or for those who only clench and grind on occasion. As with the other guards from denLAB, you will get the option of both an upper or lower guard depending on your preference. The guard comes with easy to follow instructions and only takes a few minutes to form.






UK Product Prices:

instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Guard – Standard £12.99
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Soft 2mm £35.49
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Soft 3mm £39.99
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Semi-Hard 2mm £44.99
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Semi-Hard 3mm £49.99
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Dual-Laminate 2mm £54.99
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Dual-Laminate 3mm £59.99
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Hard £64.99

Pros & Cons

  • Lots of great options and prices.
  • Many users report instant relief.
  • Very comfortable for all but very small mouths.
  • Sometimes arrives quicker than the total 10 day time.
  • Good company responses and customer service.
  • Very strong and long-lasting.
  • Company keeps moulds so you can reorder at a reduced cost.
  • Flexible but strong.

  • Fitting is not always the best, but the company will remake it if you order directly from them.
  • Impression kit is very large for some mouths.
  • Some of reported issues with the supplier, but these concerns appear to have been resolved.


Are these the same as dental guards?

All of the guards are created by dental lab professionals and meet dental standards.

Why are they so cheap?

They’re less costly because you supply the dental impression kit and don’t take up lab technician time with that activity. You also don’t have to visit the dentist and pay their staff or appointment fees.

What do I do if I’m not satisfied?

If you make a mistake with the impression you can purchase an additional home impression kit or extra putty. If the lab has made a mistake, they will remake your device and prioritize it for you.

Is it safe?

All moulds and devices are BPA free and hypoallergenic. The company does not recommend mouth guards for children under the age of 9 unless a dentist instructs it.

Final Say:

This is perhaps the best reviewed company on our list and it has a lot of fans all over the world. You can find any guard to fit your needs and you’ll get it both cheaply and promptly. There are almost no complaints about quality and many users who had issues with one mould were able to get it fixed properly with a second try. This is our highest-rated product and definitely a “buy” for quality, comfort, pain reduction, and customer service.

We don’t actually sell any products at, we just evaluate and review them. But we do look for the best dealers and prices on the internet and the best price for the denLAB Direct mouth guards seems to be found here:


Business Location in UK:

Denlab International Holdings Limited, Trafford House, Platt Fold Street, Leigh, Greater Manchester, WN7 1JH, UK


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