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What is biofeedback treatment?
NOTE: Mouth Guard will prevent further damage to your teeth. The next step is to try bruxism biofeedback headband – the ONLY device on the market which can actually stop you from clenching or grinding your teeth at night.
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SmartGuard Night Guard Description

This is an over-the-counter dental guard, specifically marketed to address headaches and other symptoms caused by TMJ. TMJ, short for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is a dysfunction of the ball and socket joint that connects the jawbone to the skull.

It’s a disorder that can lead to headaches, popping or clicking of the joint, ear pain and even trouble eating comfortably. Nightly teeth grinding can also lead to TMJ. The SmartGuard Night Guard doesn’t allow your back teeth to touch, so symptoms of TMJ are alleviated and teeth grinding is prevented. The SmartGuard boasts a patented, “Gag Free” design, and is able to be molded at home before wear.


How to Mold the Night Guard?


How Do I Know Which Night Guard is Best for Me?

1. The SmartGuard Elite

Launched in January 2012, is more adaptable to different mouth shapes. Its abilities to vastly improve popping, clicking and lockjaw symptoms have also been refined from the Original model. This model is only available for a limited time on its own. It will shortly only be available from dentists or as part of the “Combo” pack.

2. SmartGuard Original Twin Pack

This cost-effective twin pack contains two Smart Guards, at a reduced price.



  • Worn on the upper teeth while you sleep.
  • Relieves TMJ symptoms and bruxism by preventing the back molars from touching.
  • An upgraded version, the SmartGuard Elite, was launched in January 2012. This is particularly aimed at TMJ sufferers who experience joint popping or clicking.

Pros & Cons

  • Night guard stays firmly in place, causing no gagging
  • Users report a drastic reduction in headaches.
  • Other common TMJ symptoms relieved by this night guard include jaw pain and ringing in the ears.
  • Also reduces nightly teeth grinding and clenching.

  • Users with small mouth size report that this night guard is too wide and bulky, causing some discomfort
  • The molding process for the SmartGuard Elite is more difficult than for the Original; there are videos on the website to address this issue.

Final Say

We don’t actually sell any products at, we just evaluate and review them. But we do look for the best dealers and prices on the internet and the best price for the SmartGuard night guard seems to be found at Amazon.


Reviews and Testimonials

We value your input and would appreciate learning about your experience and suggestions. Your own review and feedback would help other people with bruxism to chose the best guard for their needs.

These are the reviews and testimonials we received from the real users of the The SmartGuard Night Guard customers. We hope that they will help you decide if this is the right product for you.

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  1. Reply
    Kristine Keller, Murrieta, CA August 2, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Thank you for the great product. I’ve been using my new SmartGuard Elite for couple days only, and my headache and jaw tension are almost completely gone. The only problem I have is the feeling of my upper gums being swollen in the morning, but the feeling goes away after a few minutes. I suggest to everyone to watch the instructional video very carefully and to follow instructions to take the best advantage of this product. Excellent product and great service.

  2. Reply
    Dave from Florida July 26, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    I used to have permanent tension and discomfort from my teeth grinding and although it did not cause me serious pain, I was sick of it. I decided to try the SmartGuard first as a day guard to reduce the tension while awake. After about two hours after I molded the plastic to my teeth and put the guard in, it was an instant relief. It was like someone turned the tension off. I only regret I did not find this product before. Huge improvement for only $65.

  3. Reply
    Dan Nottingham, Elgin, Illinois May 4, 2012 at 11:59 am

    I’ve been using the SmartGuard Elite for a couple of months now, and I think is it the best device I’ve ever used. Believe me, I have tried many. One of the reasons is that the base is much thicker than other models. It increases the gap between the upper and lower jaws. rear molars, so you are unable to grind your teeth. All my teeth grinding pain is gone. Great product.

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