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The moment you find out that you are grinding teeth, you need a mouth guard to prevent further damage to your teeth and jaws. But, choosing the right mouth guard for your particular needs can be daunting. The number of available guards on the market is enormous. They vary in the price, type and quality. Not all guards are suitable for all types of teeth grinding. Many of the cheep ones are not comfortable, and some are so weak that you bite right through them.

In order to help you to make the right decision and find the mouth guard that will make your life easier, allow you to finally have a good night sleep and which will protect your teeth, we listed the most reliable manufacturers and retailers, and presented their best products.


(1) Custom Dental Night Guards – Dental Labs

Custom mouth guards are the best mouth guard money can buy. They are made for your teeth, based on the mold you provide, in a specialized lab. You can choose among the range of different types of mouth guards, and find the one that will best solve your problem. Because they are custom made, these guards are supremely comfortable and will not fall out in the middle of the night or cause irritation.

Your dentist will be happy to recommend a custom mouth guard for your, and will charge you a hefty price for it ($400 – $500), which can go up to $1,000. What dentists do not like you to know is that you do not need them to get the custom mouth guard – you can contact the lab directly and save hundreds of dollars.

Check the review of the custom mouth guard labs below to find out how to make the mold of your teeth in the comfort of your home and how to get the perfect, affordable custom mouth guard:

(1) – A division of Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab. Trusted Dental Lab For Over 10 years. They offers custom-made affordable night guards which fit their customers perfectly. They have three types of custom night guards, for different levels of the severity of the problem. Their simple 4-step process makes it possible for teeth grinders to get a high quality, well fitting night guards made according to their own teeth impressions.

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(2) – Pro Teeth Guard custom night guards are manufactured by a professional dental lab in San Diego California. This lab is a regular provider of night guards and other dental products to the dentists in Southern California. Pro Teeth Guard offers three types of night guards for different intensity of teeth grinding. Each night guard is custom made based on the teeth impressions made by customers in their home. The process is simple, using a kit with detailed instructions and photos. Once the impressions are in the Pro Teeth Guard lab, they are manufactured by an experienced dental technician and carefully checked to ensure perfect fit and highest quality. The company offers 110 percents money back guarantee to show how confident they are in the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers.

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Pro Teeth Guard Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(3) Sporting Smiles – SportingSmiles offers six different types of custom made night guards for different types of bruxism and different intensities of teeth grinding. A simple at-home made teeth impression is used to manufacture high quality custom guards that are perfectly fitting and that guarantee to stop your suffering from the consequences of bruxism. SportingSmiles offers free shipping and a new guard based on the original impression if it is required within a year. All SportingSmiles guards are made under the supervision of an experienced dentist in the company’s own certified dental lab. Guards are free of BPA, latex, BPS and DEHP.

Sporting Smiles Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(4) – “Do It Yourself” – Dental Impression Kit is a professional dental lab which offers a simple and affordable way for people to order a custom made night guards using their specialized kit. With a home-made kit and simple instructions, each person who is grinding teeth can create the impression of their teeth, send them to the lab and receive in a week or so a perfectly customized night guard. This simple process bypasses dentist’s visits, saving money and time. The guards are made of specialized two-layer material which has a strong, rigid outer layer and soft, yielding inner layer to ensure durability, strength and comfort in one great night guard. The company makes only one type of guards, but the unique material ensures that it works great for all types of teeth grinding or clenching.

This professional dental lab uses their specialized kit to allow people to order a range of other dental products besides night guards.

“Do It Yourself” – Dental Impression Kit Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(5) J&S Dental Lab – Custom Night Guards – There are several mouth guards on the market that claim to protect your teeth over night. J&S Dental Lab with 20+ years of experience, takes that claim to the next step. This company offers five different night guard options and even a mouth guard designed for day use. These guards are made for different needs and since they are custom-made in a lab, they give their customers a perfect fit.

J&S Dental Lab : Custom Night Guards Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(6) denLAB Direct –  The night guards from denLAB meet the needs of most people out there who clench and grind their teeth at night. The company offers five different solutions for those with bruxism. Four of these options are custom made in a lab, the other is a typical “boil and bite” mouth guard. Their mouth guards are comfortable, the impression kit is easy to use and the night guards are very affordable. When it comes to night guards for bruxism, denLAB night guards are certainly some of the better ones on the market.

denLAB Direct : Custom Night Guards Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(7) Sentinel MouthGuards – Sentinel Custom Night Guards are produced by the Sentinel Company based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. The Sentinel Night Guards are offered in 3 types: Sentinel Dual, Sentinel Hard Night Guard, and Sentinel Soft Clear Dental. These night guards are cutting-edge, modern, and feature supreme designs that are based upon a superior fit by customization to the contours of your gum, teeth, and mouth (requires dental impression performed from home).


Sentinel MouthGuards : Custom Guards Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(8) Pro Form NiteGuard – Pro Form is a brand name of a manufacturer who has produced a series of Night Guards that help a person that is suffering from TMJ (TMD) and teeth-grinding (bruxism). They offer 2 models and unique designs that you can choose according to your initial needs. Their night guards are custom fit for best protection and comfort purposes- so a dental impression and mold is required to get the full experience from these custom fit night guards.



Pro-Form NiteGuard : Custom Guards Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(9) – The mouth guards are made especially for you. You can get your dentist to make you a custom guard, or you can get one for much less money from labs like Night guard lab. The Lab is a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories ( Proactive Labs.

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UPDATE: A couple of our users have raised concerns and complaints about this company regarding their service and support. Read more here » 
All-in-all it seems reasonable to exercise caution when considering this product.

Night Guard Lab Reviews | Click Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!


(2) Boil and Bite (Self-Molded / Self-Fitted)

After custom mouth guards, “boil and bite” guards are the most comfortable among those that are commercially available. They are made of thermoplastic material, often ethylene vinyl acetate, which softens when boiled in hot water. While soft, they are introduced to the mouth and molded to fit your particular teeth. Once cooled, they are as strong as any other mouth guard and are often used by athletes in contact sports as a protection from blow to the jaw. A number of manufacturers are making “boil and bite” mouth guards. Here are some of the most reliable and respected:

(1) Doctors Nightguard Advanced Comfort is designed with two layers: sort upper layer, which cushions and absorbs pressure, and firm lower layer, which prevents grinding. There is no need for boiling and fitting, one size fits all. It has flexible arch for greater comfort. It is made of less bulky material for easier customization. Fitting channel ensures a secure fit.



Doctors Night Guard Reviews | Available on Amazon – Enter Now!

(2) DenTek Comfort Fit Dental Guards need to be heated in hot water to be softened before being fitted to the mouth to adjust to your particular anatomy. They also have adjustable straps on both sides to ensure good fit and to keep the guard in your mouth during sleep.




Dentek Night Guard ReviewsAvailable on Amazon – Enter Now!

(3) The Biogrind night guard is unique as it keeps both the upper and lower teeth in place instead of one or the other. This is a do-it-yourself mouth guard, or a “boil and bite” product. It is very affordable, but will not last as long as other night guards on the market. The Biogrind night guard will work for many who have light or moderate grinding habits, but will not be ideal for everyone.



BioGrind(TM) Mouth Guard Reviews | Available on Amazon – Enter Now!

(4) The Archtek Grind Guard is made for the upper teeth. It has to be heated in hot water before being molded to your teeth. It is clear in color and constructed of very durable polycarbonate. It has smooth surface and it feels very comfortable in the mouth.




Archtek Grind Guard ReviewsAvailable on Amazon – Enter Now!

(5) With so many night guards on the market, it can be confusing to find the right one for you. SISU has been in the mouth guard game for a number of years and thanks to this, is a company that can be counted on. Though they have been focusing on athletic mouth guards, their night guards are just as highly thought of by their customers.



SISU Sova Night Guard Reviews | Available on Amazon – Enter Now!

(6) Dental Hygiene Preferred Complete Day/Night Mouth Guard is self-fitted guard that has to be heated before fitting to your mouth to mold to your teeth. This guard is useful both for bruxism and for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.) It is sold in packs of two slightly different size guards, so that you can choose the size you are more comfortable with. The guard prevents teeth grinding by providing a protective barrier between the lower and upper molars. It can be used both on the lower and upper teeth and can also be used as a sports guard.

Dental Hygiene Preferred ReviewsAvailable on Amazon – Enter Now!

(7) The Grind Free mouth guard is one of many night guards on the market. Though it was not made to originally serve as a night guard, for many users, it works well to protect the teeth from grinding and clenching. It is affordable and soft, giving more comfort than other mouth guards on the market.



“Grind Free” Mouth Guard Reviews | Available on Amazon – Enter Now!

(8) There are many night guards on the market and the night guard from Nava is one of the crowd. When purchasing, you will receive two night guards with accessories, but the question about Nava is if it can really hold up to its competitors. With such a crowded marketplace when it comes to night guards, will Nava night guards find a place in the winner’s circle?



Nava Dental Night Guard Reviews | Available on Amazon – Enter Now!


(3) Other Night Guards

There is a range of other types of night guards and each has its particular advantages. For example, GrindGuardN reduces the stimulus to grind, SleepRight has a heat sensitive band which adapts to your jaw and teeth without boiling. The SmartGuard Night Guard is particularly suitable for the sufferers of TMJ. Most commercially available mouth guards are affordable, but they will not help you unless you choose the right one for your particular problem:

(1) GrindReliefN (Formerly known as “GrindGuardN”) is one of the best teeth grinding guards on the market. It is FDA approved and it has a Central Power Bar that focuses the force of your bite on the inside midline of your teeth. The Bar reduces the stimulus to grind, and helps ‘reprogram’ your jaws muscles to stop the grinding habit. This guard has to be heated in water to become pliable enough to fit into your mouth, over lower teeth. It fits only over the 6-8 lower teeth in front of your mouth. This guard is hard on the outside and soft, pliable inside. Its inside layer is made from thermoplastic, which can be reheated repeatedly to ensure comfortable fit. For $10 OFF, use code: “EXTRA10”This offer is valid until June 30th, 2014.

GrindReliefN ReviewsClick Here To Visit Retailer’s Website!

(2) SleepRight no Boil Dental Guard is a comfortable self-adjusting mouth guard that effectively prevents jaw clenching and teeth grinding. It does not require boiling as it has a heat sensitive band which adapts to the anatomy of your jaw and teeth. It cushions teeth with two bite pads that fit between the upper and lower molars. This guard comes in three models. Splintek SleepRight NightGuard has four adjustable bite pad positions for perfect comfort. It adjusts at body temperature and it does not require heating for adjustment. It is hypoallergenic and contains no latex. It is sufficiently durable to be used as sports guard as well.

SleepRight Dental Guard ReviewsAvailable on Amazon – Enter Now!

(3) The SmartGuard Night Guard is self-molding and it does not require heating. It is designed for the upper teeth. It is used to protect teeth from grinding but is particularly useful for the relief of TMJ symptoms such as jaw popping and headache. The SmartGuard Night Guard works by preventing back teeth from touching.



SmartGuard ReviewsAvailable on Amazon – Enter Now!

(4) Plackers Grind-no-More Teeth Grinding Guard is designed to be used on upper or lower teeth and it fits all mouth sizes without the need for boiling or fitting. It works both to prevent jaw clenching and teeth grinding – it contains absorbing bite plate, stabilizing bite plate lips and bite plate alignment grooves. Each guard is disposable, but it can be used for up to three days. It is sold in packages of ten.



Plackers Grind-No-More Reviews | Available on Amazon – Enter Now!

(5) StressGard Night Tooth Guard does not need to be boiled to fit to your mouth, it has a loose fit so that you can trim it to adapt it for your comfort. It can be used on both lower and upper teeth, and is used to help with teeth grinding and of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). A patented, flexible groove is designed to absorb shock of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. The guard has smooth surface that makes teeth to slide against it when touch it.


StressGard ReviewsAvailable on Amazon – Enter Now!


Final Say


Step 1 – Prevent further damage! Commercially available mouth guards should be your first line of defense UNTIL YOU CAN GET A CUSTOM NIGHT GUARD (Get one by yourself directly from the lab. The price is comparable to the one of average store-bought guards, something that your dentist probably won’t tell you…).

Before deciding on the right type of mouth guard for you, do your homework. Talk to your dentist about your teeth, their damage and what would be the best mouth guard for you. It might be the one for lower jaw or for the upper jaw, or even a special device such as NTI-TSS. Then look at the reviews, compare the prices and features of available mouth guards or dental labs, and find one that is most suitable for you. Have a look at other users’ reviews, to see the experience other people had with each particular mouth guard. To see the features, as well as the reviews of the best available mouth guards and dental labs, check Best Night Guard For Teeth Grinding (Top 10 mouth guards for grinding teeth). Save your smile, DO NOT WAIT!


Step 2  – Biofeedback Headband. Try the SleepGuard Biofeedback Headband device as the first (and probably the last!) treatment, and find more useful treatments for bruxism offered on our site. For customers’ reviews, check Biofeedback Headband Reviews report.

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